Shanneyganock – Home In My Harbour

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  1. Newfoundland
  2. Headed Back To St. John’s
  3. Girls Of NL
  4. Home In My Harbour
  5. Harbour Grace
  6. Molly May
  7. Downhome
  8. Thirty Days In Jail
  9. Music And Friends
  10. Rig Workers Alphabet
  11. One More Will Stand

Product Description

“Home in My Harbour” is Shanneyganock’s follow-up to 2014’s “Rockin’ on the Water,” which earned them exceptional success. The band’s sound remains unchanged even if their membership hasn’t: Billy Sutton and Bob Pike are no longer in Shanneyganock, replaced by Ian Chipman and Chris Donnelly. Bassist Chipman, known as a member of The Fables and The Navigators, has been playing on and off with the band for a couple of years, while drummer Donnelly is relatively new. It’s a mixed bag of everything Shanneyganock is known for: ballads, shanties, originals and more traditional tunes. “Once More We’ll Stand” is a song Andrews wrote last year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Beaumont-Hamel; “Music and Friends” is a well-known Simani tune given new life as a collaboration between Shanneyganock and Simani’s Bud Davidge (Sim Savory died in 2010).