Shanneyganock Tunes Cover

Shanneyganock – The Tunes


1. Up The Pond (Banks Of Newfoundland)
2. Creatures Of The Night/Kips Bay/Pull The Goalies
3. Cock Of The North / Brother’s Jig
4. After Hours
5. From The South Side Looking In
6. Rollicking Skipper/Pussycat Up The Plum Tree
7. Captain & His Whiskers/Four Poster Bed
8. The Budgell’s Jigs
9. The Jig is Up
10. Singles
11. The Old Man & The Old Woman
12. Buttons In The Wind
13. A Feed Of Duff
14. Beid Ril Againn – Selection Of Jiggs

Product Description

This is a collection of instrumental favourites spanning the entire recording history of Shanneyganock (Including Mark’s solo album- “The Music Takes Me Back”). Tunes that you’ve come to love are now on one album. Mark Hiscock is arguably one of Newfoundland’s most accomplished accordion players and his fingers are on fire on these tunes. This, coupled with a guest appearance by Billy Sutton (the Fables) and Chris’s token rowdiness give the album a great lift and flow. A blend of live and studio recordings make this an exciting, energy-soaked must have for anyone who appreciates the skill and vitality of these instrumental classics.