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Sonny Tripp - Zoo

Sonny Tripp – Zoo


1. Disco 3000
2. Neighbour Colour Grey
3. Prism
4. The Tethar
5. Farewell Lyubov
6. Pictures on Film
7. Dandy
8. The Owl and The Goat
9. Something Familiar
10. Maybe That's all That may Be
11. (A Bit of) Everything
12. Radio
13. Transmissions
14. Contrast Effect
15. Everyone's a Supermodel
16. Nothing Shocking
17. Farewell Reprise

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Product Description

A perfect example of the hip sounds of the St. John’s music circuit.

This is definitive alternative rock. A 16 track collection smattered with heavy guitar riffs and remnants of The Cure, The Shins, Arcade Fire, and Broken Social Scene throughout.

This is a really cool album, all group members in on the composing while utilizing pedals, distortion, and surf-rock vocals.

Unquestionably one of 2013’s finest offerings of current rock with a nod and a wink to old school.