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Peter Narvaez, Sandy Morris, Glen Collins – Superpickers! Blues on the Ceiling


1. Jump Little Rabbit
2. Miss Molly
3. Folsom Prison Blues
4. Please Fingers Dial if You Can
5. Diggin' My Potatoes
6. Jump 'n' Play Blues
7. Personal Manager
8. Blues on the Ceiling
9. Vitamin C
10. Since You've Come Home
11. The Radiation Blues and the Chemo Drag
12. Boat's Up the Tickle
13. Romance Without Finance
14. I'll See You Again
15. Grasshoppers
16. The Great Train Robbery

Product Description

“Blues on the Ceiling” is a lesson in how to play the blues. It is unique and special in a number of ways. It blends some of the most revered blues tunes in the canon with clever and crafty originals and dares you to make the distinction between the two. Peter Narvaez is THAT good! His attention to authenticity is acute, his playing is masterful and the guests on his record are among St. John’s blues elite. Appearances by Sandy Morris, Glen Collins, Steve Hussey, Brad Power and Dave Rowe create an atmosphere and dynamic that serves to strengthen the truthfulness and honesty that has become synonymous with Peter’s work. These guys bleed the blues. For those who don’t know, it is Peter’s final recording and you can sense that he knew it would be his last. He sings with wisdom, clarity and understanding that comes when nearing the end of a life. He defiantly plays the meanest harmonica you’ll hear and picks some of the fastest, grooviest and meaningful guitar on any record regardless of genre. Peter was a pioneer in Newfoundland music and folklore. We are confident that his music will endure like the blues pioneers that preceded him.