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Tanglecove – 30 New Canadian Fiddle Tunes


1. The Memory Waltz
2. The Visitors
3. A Drive Around the Bay
4. The Streets of St. John’s
5. The Tour
6. Sea Wind
7. The Gypsy
8. Back Down Home
9. Under Full Sail (Jig)
10. Tanglecove
11. The House in the Meadow
12. Under Full Sail Reels
13. The Road to Philidelphia
14. Banjo Jig
15. Seamus Creagh’s
16. Beaumont Waltz
17. The Road to Raffydiddle
18. String Theory
19. Retreat from Moscow
20. Running up the Stairs
21. Little Sara
22. Jessie’s Jig
23. The White Fleet
24. The Black Rocks
25. Guitar Pipes
26. Captain Cole’s Waltz
27. Genevieve’s Reel
28. Benoit
29. The 55-Mile Jig
30. The Wedding Gift

Product Description

“Tanglecove is delightful collection of 30 original tunes, played on violin, viola, mandolin, bouzouki and guitar, accompanied by accordion, pennywhistle, bass and percussion. From traditional waltzes, jigs and reel to exotic melodies and rhythms drawn from the musical traditions of Scotland, Ireland, England, Appalachia, Eastern, Europe and Newfoundland, this is an album that will enchant you”