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Terry Penney 001

Terry Penney – Once Upon a Blue Moon: A 1950’s Tribute


1. Sweet Little Sixteen
2. Blue Moon Medley
3. Get Rhythm
4. Let it be Me
5. Crying, Waiting, Hoping
6. Lonesome Town
7. Honey Don't
8. It's a Sin
9. Trouble
10. Maybe Baby

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Product Description

Terry Penney is a young veteran singer/songwriter with six albums to his credit over a period of fourteen years. Number seven is lucky for his fans; a respectful tribute to some of the greats of the 1950’s- rock n’ roll’s iconic pioneers.

Terry’s appreciation of these songs and this significant capsule of time is felt throughout “Once Upon A Blue Moon”, his own original work reflective of classic melodic pop, rock and country over his career. He especially shines on the tender numbers but brings a suitable swagger to a handful of up-tempo gems.

Not surprisingly and without doubt a mirror of Terry’s own soul is revealed and celebrated in the aesthetic of his covers of choice in this sweet homage to a magical time in pop music history.

Also, check out his recent anthology, “Back Then”.

-Tony Ploughman/Fred’s Records.