terry penney

Terry Penney – The Last Guitar


1. Girl From Coal Creek Canyon
2. Shoal Harbour
3. Not Without A Fight
4. I Have Offered
5. Ballad of the Baymen Riders
6. West Texas Moon
7. Jesus Crisis
8. Shells
9. John Flood
10. Last Guitar

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Product Description

Terry Penney’s modus operandi as a songwriter is one of poignant reflection on experiences resulting in lessons of lasting value and this has been his greatest strength. A storyteller at heart, this SOCAN/Music Newfoundland and Labrador Songwriter of the Year’s tales revolve around simpler times and the process that bear its fruits. “Shoal Harbour” is a wistful ditty, nostalgic without pandering to sentimentality, comparable to Ron Hynes best work in a similar vein. “I Have Offered” and “Shells” portray an often revisited theme by Terry; human conflict, quiet contemplation and feeling out of step with both, in the midst of some hovering need for reconciliation. This is a subject he addresses well. “Jesus Crisis” hints at a deeper issue without any direct lyrical reference. The subtlety is effective. Terry’s voice is that of your brother’s at a family gathering- pure, warm and honest. Craig Young handles co-production duties as well as quintessential contributions on guitar, mandolin and dobro resulting in Penney’s most country & western sounding record to date. The flickering mandolin on “I Have Offered” along with several lovely dobro bits on others works effectively, sympathetic to varying themes. Perhaps Terry Penny’s best album to date, certainly consistent and further evidence of his growth as one of Newfoundland’s finer singer/songwriters.