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Bingo Robbers


He lives in his car.

She has a plan.

There’s a little criminal inside us all.

Running Time: 83 Minutes

DVD extras:

Interview with Lois Brown and Barry Newhook

Original Trailer

Alternate Ending


Crew Scene

Product Description

A tightly plotted tale of two eccentrics who screw up a series of robberies.  Vallis (Barry Newhook) lives in his 76 Chrysler.  Nancy (Lois Brown) is a single mom and desperate.  The two cruise the shadowy streets of Newfoundland’s biggest city bringing us their darkly comic observations, while plotting the best way to take down the 24-hour Bingo Extravaganza.  Hilarious cameos from Andy Jones, singer/songwriter Ron Hynes, and film-maker Sherry White.  Featuring Fur Packed Action.