The Black Bags – The Black Bags


Side A
1. Kelowna Rocks
2. Worth Living
3. Raining Hammers
4. Held Down
5. Hate Me For It

Side B
1. Horizon
2. Never Get Enough
3. Everything is Leaking
4. Lullaby
5. Lost and Leaning

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Product Description

Upon listening to the Black Bags self-titled CD, one is struck by a couple of key features. Firstly, Liz ┬áSolo is still at the top of her game and continues to be the premier female rock vocalist in NL. 20 plus years and going strong. Secondly, Retro-Rules, the early/mid 1990’s in this case, and thirdly, Marcel Levandier’s development as the yin to Liz’s Yang as a lead vocalist.


The disc opens strong. “Kelowna Rocks” dives at you like a spirited invitation with Liz displaying Chrissie Hynde, Johnette Napolitano verve on lead vocal, followed by an invigorating lead from Marcel on “Worth Living” buffed by tasty back-up vocals.


“Raining Hammers” is an album hilight and shows off the band’s punk roots with a clink of the glass to early influence, Mike Wade, the song’s author.


Tracks 4-7 favorably harken back to classic Concrete Blonde, Buffalo Tom, and Lou Reed. “Held Down” with biting rhythm and lyrics, reeking of frustration and stress, “Secret” is beautiful and timeless in quality and “Horizon” rivals Tragically Hip for intensity while exhibiting more punk roots.


“Everything is Leaking” has a R.E.M. vibe, and “Lost and Learning”, the album’s closer, is a gorgeous, reflective dirge.


Recorded and mixed expertly by Jony Richardson and Grant King- one of 2013’s best NL releases.

Now available on LP!