The Discounts – Part One

1. Doin’ it Slow
2. Mad Money
3. I Ate the President
4. Flounder Tomatoes
5. Post Bling Ting
6. Harmful Harmony
7. 4 O’Clock in the Morning
8. Alien Encounters
9. 8 Long Years
10. We’re Gonna Drop the Rock on Your Head

Product Description

Do you like beats? The Discounts got beats, and you’re going to eat them up. Neil Conway’s ‘The Discounts, Part One’, is almost too funky. A little hip-hop mixed with a lot of reggae is evidently the recipe for awesome music. Some other essential ingredients to this dyno-mite, musical stew is some quality accompaniment from well known favourtes, such as Curtis Andrews, Pat Boyle, and Duane Andrews.
Get Ready to Get Down.