Dogberries – Sun & Games


1. Going to Sea
2. Clockworks
3. Mojo Calypso
4. That Used to be Me
5. Right off the Bat
6. Carnival
7. Sun & Games
8. Little Piece
9. Song for James
10. Time Out

Product Description

Charlie Barfoot – acoustic guitar, mandolin, electric guitar, fuzzy classical guitars, temple block, wind chimes, cow bells, claves

Jack Daw – six string fretless bass, double bass, five string bass, cow bells, cabasa

Craig Follett – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone

Patrick Moran – fiddle

Romano DiNillo – drums, triangle, chicken shakers

Brian Way – piano

George Morgan – shakers, triangle, wind chimes, tambourine, cymbals, thunder sheet, miniature hand drum, cabasa

Kieran Adams – vibra slap, guiro, metal & wooden shakers, brushes on bodhran

Rick Hollett – tenor saxophone

Kathie Rose – flute

Adele Petten – oboe

Paul Bendzsa – clarinet