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Heartbroken – Tonight Tonight


1. Same Mood Today
2. Too Weak
3. The Truth
4. Tonight Tonight
5. Seventeen
6. Good for Thorns
7. Cover Me
8. Couldn’t Help Myself
9. Run Again
10. Save Yourself
11. Laid to Waste
12. All My Friends
13. Company Man

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Product Description

After having achieved great success as a solo artist and as one third of the critically acclaimed folk pop group Shaye, Damhnait Doyle has embarked on a new project as front woman for The Heartbroken. The group’s debut finds Damhnait in fine vocal form. Her voice, arguably one Atlantic Canada’s finest, is her greatest musical tool. She displays incredible tonal control and her versatility as a singer provides her with an incredible ability to emote sincerely whether through her powerfully sustained higher register or with a mild and earnest whisper. An interesting element to the recording, vocally, is the addition of a prominent male vocal that really adds a warmth and cushion of Damhnait’s. She is backed by an impressive band that serves to heighten the power and beauty of her vocal. The record is steeped in folk pop and contains elements of rock and country. It runs the gamut of dynamic and tempo, from quiet, stripped down acoustic lullaby to upbeat, driving rock song. Ultimately, the songs are catchy, and performed with awareness that the bands true musical asset is Dav’s voice. The arrangements and instrumentation are sympathetic to this fact and the finished product is a fun, light and accessible of radio-friendly folk-rock.