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Monday Nights – The Monday Nights


1. Big City Lights
2. Old Memory
3. Dirt Town
4. Living Side
5. The Wild Goose
6. Heart of Stone
7. Gone Tomorrow
8. Stereo Loud
9. Can’t Walk Away
10. Annie
11. Friend of Mine

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Product Description

This is the first release from a band comprised of some of the city’s finest musicians: Kalem Mahoney (formerly of Gearbox), Mark Neary and Elliot Dicks (The Novaks), Grant King (Pathological Lovers) and Brad Power (every band that needed a virtuosic guitar player). This coming together of talent yielded a fantastic record of folk and pop rock that is both thoughtfully arranged and masterfully performed. At the helm of the project is primary songwriter, Kalem Mahoney. Kalem is highly regarded as one of the finer songwriters in Newfoundland and has been called upon to write songs for many artists, perhaps most notably Great Big Sea (Shines Right through Me and Hard Case). His writing deals with a number of themes that range from love lost (Old Friend), the fatigue and monotony of living life in a town that seems stagnant (Old Dirt Town) or struggling to get out of old routines and trials of feeling low. There remains, however an element of hope in his writing and these themes are supplemented with some great, upbeat and driving rock songs, perhaps most notably, Big City Lights and Stereo Loud. Kalem’s vocal has a weathered charm that gives credence to his words and is elevated by impressive guitar, Rhodes piano and Hammond organ. The solid combo of Neary on bass and Dicks on drums also gives the record a solid backbone. This album is a killer offering from one of the province’s premier rock bands.