Navigators – Soldiers and Sailors


1. Time Flies
2. Just Me
3. The WidowMaker
4. Pullin’ Oil From The Sand
5. All Hell For A Basement
6. Step It Out Mary
7. The Bold French Soldier
8. A Sunny Night In Paris
9. Wind in The Goowiddy
10. He’s In The Band
11. The Queen of Argyll
12. Safely O’er The Sea

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Product Description

“Soldiers and Sailors” is the third release from one of Newfoundland’s most popular live acts. Arthur O’Brien and Fred Jorgensen share the distinction of owning two of the most recognizable baritone voices in the province. They have voices that have the whisky-soaked charm that allow them to deliver the hardest of sea shanties with the ease of a ballad and the gentlest ballad with a hint of weather-worn truthfulness. The Navigators have become known for their cross over blending of the traditional form and rock and roll. Hard-hitting drums and gritty electric guitars weave throughout bodhran and well-played tin whistle giving the songs an edginess and power. Listen and find out why the Navs are one of our best selling groups.