Newfoundland Drinking Songs 2

Various Artists – Newfoundland Drinking Songs 2


1. Mark Hiscock “The Night Pat Murphy Died”
2. The Navigator “The Islander”
3. Chris Andrews “Those Were the Days”
4. Kilkenny Krew “Big Strong Man”
5. Larry Foley “Fiddler’s Green”
6. Shanneyganock “Peggy Gordon”
7. The Irish Descendants “Dirty Old Town”
8. Patrick Moran, Chris Andrews, Mark Hiscock and Mike Kinsella “Lukey’s Boat”
9. Chris Hennessey “The Streets of London”
10. Chris Andrews, Tom Nemec, Mark Hiscock, Mike Hanrahan, Con O’Brien, Alan Doyle, Fred Jorgensen, Larry Foley “We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar”
11. Patrick Moran “Twenty One Years”
12. The Punters “Heavy Away”
13. The Celtic Connection “Tyree Love Song”

Product Description

A great collection “loaded” with all your favourite grog-soaked 2:00 am singalongs! Various well known Newfoundland artist perform such hits including “The Night Paddy Murphy Died”, “The Islander”, “Lukey’s Boat”, and many more.