Vic and the Hickory Switch - The Wonder

Vick and the Hickory Switch – The Wonder


1. Retreat Into Shadow

2. Tragedy Mask

3. Rusty Nail

4. The Painter

5. Tails and Feathers

6. Breaking my Things / Passing the Chalice

7. See you in Lightning

8. I Want to Give

9. It Still Wonders Me

10. Flora and Fauna

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Product Description

Another in a series of jaw-droppingly good records from Victor Lewis. Vic’s new disc follows on from his last release under the “Hickory Switch” moniker, floating around in the classic rock and psychedelic realms without firmly setting foot in one or the other.

The songs sound at once totally new and strangely familiar; fresh and worn in.

Victor Lewis has much in common with Mark Oliver Everett, Grandaddy, Beck and Badly Drawn Boy, all of them spilling over with creative juices and dexterity.  You will never, ever grow tired of one of his records.

Seriously… never!

Victor Lewis (a.k.a. Vickee Lou, Vic Lou, etc.) is arguably Newfoundland’s most innovative and eclectic indie-pop artist.  We liken him to a young David Bowie.