Wayne Muggridge – Come in and Jar the Door


1. Spring Lilt
2. The Blackthorn Rag
3. The Waltz of the White Fleet
4. Bridget O’Malley
5. The Rambling Mouse
6. The Greencastle Hornpipe/Matelot
7. Colours of the North Wind
8. Canaan’s Land
9. The Temperance Reel
10. Petty Harbour Bait Skiff
11. The “Crystal Stream”
12. The Rock of Gilbraltar
13. Mrs. McDermott/Jar the Door
14. Shenandoah
15. Craigie Hill
16. Solo for Mr. Gretsch

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Product Description

Wayne Muggridge is a master guitar player who blends Newfoundland traditional folk music and the country twang guitar stylings of Chet Atkins. It is a blend that works so well on this record. Traditional instruments such as the bouzouki, mandolin and button accordion are met with the smooth, warm tones of Wayne’s effortless old school country guitar. He plays an old Gretsch Country Gentleman and he truly makes it sing. This recording could be compared favourably to Sandy Morris’s now seminal recording, Music from Land and Sea. Lovers of finely crafted guitar chops and traditional folk music alike will be sure to enjoy this fantastic album. Check out “Solo for Mr, Gretsch”!