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Where Did I Put… My Memory?


“Where Did I Put… My Memory?” is a light-hearted, enlightening journey into our memories – and how we can improve them.

A Film by Josh Freed

Produced by Barbara Doran

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Product Description

Memory loss is a growing epidemic, as we live longer and have more and more information to forget.  Are we all doomed to lose our minds? Or are there ways to keep our memories – and even make them better?  If you can lose your memory, can you find it?

“Where Did I Put… My Memory?” goes on a worldwide quest for answer.  We visit “The World Memory Championships” and quiz champion Ben Pridmore on the secret to his phenomenal memory; meet The Rappin’ Mathematician, a Californian teacher who has revolutionized math class by teaching in rhyming rap; talk to “Brain Trainers” to learn state’of’the’science memory techniques; and encounter “The Woman Who Can’t Forget”, who recalls every hour and minute of her life since 14!

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