Wince Coles – Will the Circle be Unbroken


1. 30 Pieces of Silver
2. Box Seat in Heaven
3. Great Speckled Bird
4. Empty Mansion
5. Old Time Christian
6. I Don’t Know about Tomorrow
7. Beautiful Home
8. Paul’s Ministry
9. Drifting too Far from the Shore
10. Robin’s Breast
11. I Can Live Forever
12. Will the Circle be Unbroken

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Product Description

‘Will the Circle be Unbroken’ is the new release from Wince Coles. He has covered a number of traditional country gospel songs, all in memory of his mother. The Coles, who are normally pretty silly, are recording on a more serious note with sincere vocals, gospel lyrics, and honest intentions. A special addition to your Ellis and Wince Coles collection.