March 20th, 2015

EAST COAST MUSIC AWARDS 2015: Fred’s Receives Honorary “Industry Builder” Award!

Fred’s is thrilled to receive the honorary “Industry Builder” award, announced by the East Coast Music Awards on March 18th.

In business since 1972, Fred’s will be presented the award at the Gala in St. John’s on April 9th.

We look forward to the big celebration and all our visitors from the maritimes and across the province during East Coast Music Week!

February 16th, 2015

The Fortunate Ones “The Bliss” Now Available at Fred’s!


There’s a sense of a welcoming, that an invitation has been extended to the opening track of the long awaited CD by the FORTUNATE ONES. “Solitary Sparks” builds to a full-throttle and introduces the listener to the key qualities explored, developed and achieved on “THE BLISS”. Themes of hope, reflection, desire and discovery are delved into with a positive conclusion often waiting somewhat knowingly at the path’s end.

“Wherever You Go” well represents the core message addressed throughout this pure pop/folk collection, a ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’/be true to yourself theme.

Late edition to the album, “Lay Me Down” might leave you thinking you’ve been swept back to Buckingham/Nicks debut with Fleetwood Mac with its hippie-blues element. It also provides a jolt to what is essentially a melancholy album..

“Without A Name” is one of the album’s finest tracks. The strings fill the melody with a nice balance of the lush and the delicate. Catherine Allan’s piano part is sweetly reminiscent of Neil Drinkwater’s work with Van Morrison; sounding like raindrops on a pond on a warm summer day.

“A Light Will Come” delivers one of those melodies so comfortable and sublime it sounds familiar… as if you’ve known it your whole life. Andrew James O’Brien gives us one of his finest vocal performances to date, nuanced and incredibly moving in a subtle manner, creating all the more impact as a result.

“I’d Wait For Anyone Who Would Wait For Me” is a catchy number penned by Mick Davis and serves up a pleasant tempo-shift before a pair of dirge-like tunes direct the listener to a more ponderous and reflective frame of mind. Catherine Allan’s ‘late vocals’ on this number is attractive and a technique often employed by THE BAND on some vintage classics.

A suitably pensive rendering of “Picture In A Frame”(Tom Waits) highlights the duos close harmonies.

In the true literary sense, “Oaks And Willows” is the most romantic of the album’s songs. Permeations of sadness adorn its theme, relatable and effective.

“Someday Love” is certainly one the strongest tracks; a shuffling mid-tempo number with a McCartney-esque change, jaw-dropping in its beauty and weightlessness while the title track, “The Bliss” is another highlight piece; a Paul Simon like percussive-driven tune, beautifully arranged and a message particularly potent and resonant for the young at the journeys start.

The blue note laden “Carry On” is a poignant song, a gentle cathartic-anthem that fittingly closes this most promising album.

FORTUNATE ONES are one of the key acts to hear, watch and follow from Newfoundland And Labrador.

-Tony Ploughman

December 12th, 2014

The Once’s “Departures” Now Out on Vinyl LP

Limited availability.

Fred’s Exclusive!


December 12th, 2014

Ron Hynes’ First Live Concert DVD

Just arrived!

Quintessential Ron Hynes Solo directed by Moya Walsh and Featuring Amelia Curran.

Available exclusively at Fred’s.

December 8th, 2014

Fred’s Presents: Hey Rosetta! live In-Store

Enter our Contest to see Hey Rosetta! at an intimate Up Close & Personal Concert at the store Sunday December 14th at 6 PM.

Admission is extremely limited so we’re having a contest! Enter at the store.

There are 3 ways to win:
1. Anyone can enter.
2. If you buy any Hey Rosetta! album you have an extra chance to win.
3. If you share or re-tweet this event on Facebook or Twitter you’ll also have a special chance to win.

If you’re a loyal Fred’s customer who pre-ordered “Second Sight”, Hey Rosetta!’s new album, you’re already entered.

Further details available at store.

The contest ends 9 PM Thursday Dec. 11.

Winners will be contacted Friday Dec. 12.


December 1st, 2014

Wooden Sky In-Store

A sterling performance by Toronto’s “The Wooden Sky” drew a strong turn-out of supporters and fans Saturday afternoon here at Fred’s.

30 minutes of blissful vocal harmonies, introspective lyrics, flawlessly subtle instrumental arrangements, and an appreciative audience. Gavin Gardiner possesses one of the most soulful voices on the Canadian folk-rock scene, often leaving the crowd in amazement.

Thanks for sharing your songs with us at Fred’s. We’ll make it a Hat Trick next time you pass this way.


November 26th, 2014

The Swinging Belles Album Has Arrived!

The Swinging Belles, consisting of local educators and musicians Erin Power and Laura Winter combined with virtuoso guitarist Duane Andrews, have released a brand new children’s album! Rooted in swing music, it’s sure to get your toes tapping regardless of age.

November 21st, 2014

Denis Parker & The Modern Saints in-store!

We’re having a time!

Denis Parker & The Modern Saints will serve-up a 40 minute free show this Sunday, November 23 at 2 PM.

Swing on down for a sweet heaping of electric blues as we celebrate Denis’ first new material in 15 years. “The Modern Saints” are John Clarke on lap steel and the Novaks’ Mick Davis and Elliott Dicks as the rhythm section.

Bring the family – that includes the dog! It’s gonna be fun.

CD goes on sale this weekend.


Check out the event on our Facebook Page!

November 21st, 2014

East Coast Music Awards Launches at Fred’s

Fred’s is honored to have been the venue for the 2015 East Coast Music Awards launch to be held April 8-12. The Premier of Newfoundland Paul Davis and St. John’s Mayor Dennis O’Keefe gave enthusiastic speeches on the readiness of St. John’s to put on an exhilarating week for the thousands of musicians, industry professionals, and concert goers expected to flood into the capital.

ECMA chair Andrew McLean and St. John’s own Erin Best -ECMA vice-chair and local musician- detailed the economic
benefits and energy that the East Coast Music Week is expected to generate.

The launch was a feelgood event with lots of media, camera crews, city councillors Dave Lane and Danny Breen, Premier’s office and Tourism officials, and the organizers from MusicNL.

Fred’s looks forward to being an enthusiastic participant in East Coast Music Week!

Check out The Telegram’s coverage of the event here, The Overcast’s here, and MusicNL’s official press release.

November 18th, 2014

Jerry Stamp’s “Rogue Doubt” Out Today!

Jerry Stamp’s latest record (and his best, according to our own Tony Ploughman) is out today!

Click on the album art below to purchase your own copy.