It’s alive!

To say that vinyl is back is a huge understatement – vinyl has once again become the most exciting music format and shoppers at Fred’s Records have made it fun for us to start refilling those old record bins with amazing new and old music.

We thought the revival has been so strong indeed that we wanted to dedicate a page to on this site to the format.

So why has vinyl become so popular again?No one can say for sure, but we can’t help but believe that when technology pushed everything so sterile with mp3s, iPods and downloading, a huge part of the love of music was killed. Folks missed out on the enjoyment of opening a new album, putting it on and staring into the artwork. Reading along with the lyrics, credits and notes. And not to mention the love of collecting, you can’t collect mp3s, but nothing is more rewarding and enjoyable than a great record collection.All this and we haven’t even mentioned how great they sound! Seriously, take your favourite record, and play it on a high quality turntable and you’re in for an audio experience that can’t be rivalled.Everything all the time

Pick through the vinyl bins at Fred’s Records and the first thing you’ll notice is we have a huge stock in classic, vintage and collectible old records, but also a massive selection of brand new records by all your favourite artists. Yes that is right, brand new records are coming out every week!!! How fun! Whether your taste is Lady GaGa, Tom Waits, Hey Rosetta, Kathleen Edwards or Larry Foley, many new releases are being released on vinyl as well as CD. And if we don’t have it, we’ll order it in for you.

But I don’t have a record player!

You don’t have a record player because you don’t know where to buy one? or because you just haven’t gotten around to it yet? Fact is, just because you don’t have a record player yet doesn’t mean you won’t soon – so why not start buying your favourite new releases on vinyl now and start building that collection so that when you do own a turntable you’ve got lots of great music already. And you can still enjoy those new vinyl now as pretty much all new LPs come with either a download code for MP3 downloads or a CD version of the album. Its very rare to find a new LP these days that doesn’t come with either mp3s or CD. Listen to those for now, while flipping through the awesome full size album graphics and sleeve, then pick up a turntable when you’re ready.

If you’re curious where to buy a turntable you should drop us a line.

Some Newfoundland Vinyl releases available online!

Hey Rosetta!
Second Sight

Derm Kean and an Incredible Woman

Joe Grizzly

The Once
Image result for once departures

Dark Era
Dark Era
dark era

Long Distance Runners
Image result for elements long distance runners