Who We Are

Located in historic downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland Fred’s Records opened its door in 1972. Specializing in Newfoundland and Irish Traditional music, Fred’s carries a wide selection of all genres and our staff is the most knowledgeable in the province.

We have always been St. John’s leading record store catering to everyone from the casual listener to the die hard music aficionado. Fred’s is a can’t miss destination on your visit to St. John’s.

But like any great business – we’re only as good as our staff (but luckily, we have the best staff anywhere!)




Tony Ploughman

Got into the music business accidently on purpose. Published poet (NL., QC. and Phil. PA.). 6 plus years as Art Gallery ‘jack of all trades’ promoting Christopher and Mary Pratt, David Blackwood and periodical “Group Of Seven” works to name a few. Bartender by night, making friends with local musicians in 1980. Hired by Fred’s Sept. 1984. Asked to stick around till Christmas. Inventor of the Fred’s Records ‘blurb’. Not interested in a gold or silver watch… allergic to gold and silver. 

Jim Brokenshire
Classical enthusiast. Here at the beginning. Brother of Fred.


Katie Predham
Pine Top Kate, she can roll the 88’s. Shopping at Fred’s since she was two weeks old.

Alex Rumboldt
More experimental than a science fair, ain’t no one’s coat got mo flair. The go-to guy for all things vinyl related. He knows his stuff.


Matthew Hornell
In between his many weekly gigs in the capital city, you can find Matthew Hornell at Fred’s, likely hanging around the Folk, Newfoundland, and Country & Western sections — his specialty.


Wendy Rose

The local arts/ent journalist and reviewer joined the Fred’s Records team in November of 2015, and promptly took over the social media channels. Got hired by begging Tony relentlessly for a job in a whiny voice for weeks.


Len O’Neill
The Green & Gold front man brings a great energy to the Fred’s Records team. Len has been a fixture at the record store since November 2015.


Kelly McMichael

Kelly’s a busy woman — she’s involved with SWIM (St. John’s Women in Music), Girls Rock NL, and plays in a number of bands! Catch her onstage as Renders, or with Thelma and Louise!


Caroline Martin-Rowe

We snagged this jazz singer from Toronto, where she also worked at a record store! Fred’s Records is stoked to be a part of bringing this woman home to The Rock.


Tim Gibbons

Tim is the most recent addition to the Fred’s staff, hired after a lengthy bout of “Team Tim!” enthusiasm from senior staff. We thought his last name was Snobbig (Gibbons backwards) for longer than we’d like to admit.




Past Staffers

Just a few of the friendly faces we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years.

Burke and Murray Brokenshire

The kids of Fred’s Records — literally — they’re Fred’s kids! Between them, Burke and Murray have over ten years of experience working in their dad’s record store, and they always pop in when they’re in the neighbourhood, or in Murray’s case, back home in Newfoundland for a visit!


Damhnait Doyle
Damhnait (pronounced Dav-net) was discovered when singing while working her shift at Fred’s. She has since released numbers albums on EMI Canada and co-fronted the singer-super group Shaye. She currently lives in Toronto where she has an amazing new band called The Heartbroken that you all should check out.
The Heartbroken’s website /// The Heartbroken’s “Tonight Tonight” in our store


Andrew James O’Brien
The Man of a Thousand Nicknames, this gentle beast will sooth your soul with a nice song or he’d just ring in your purchase, he was cool like that. Currently playing with “Fortunate Ones”, he’s another jet-setting former Fred’s employee.
Fortunate Ones /// “Songs for Searchers” in our store


Lee Hanlon
Lee Hanlon was one of our most memorable characters at Fred’s Records. A well known indie-musician locally, he moved to Toronto a couple years back with his band The Gramercy Riffs, who have since released the great albums “It’s Heartbreak” and “Desire Trails.”
Gramercy Riffs website /// “Desire Trails” in our store


Daniel Banoub
Another member of The Gramercy Riffs, Daniel Banoub is one of our city’s finest guitar players, that was until he moved to Toronto to finish his education and pursue music. He can often be seen picking up some shifts when he is home for the holidays at Christmas time. 
Gramercy Riffs website /// “It’s Heartbreak” in our store


Ren Squires
Ren Squires worked with Fred’s Records for many years. A true authority on music, Ren’s deep passions were for all things metal, and he helped us stock one of the best selections of metal and heavy music anywhere. Ren was also the drummer in stoner rock band sHeavy, who are still going strong 20 years in (albeit with a different drummer). Sheavy’s legend among stoner rock fans endures and the band continues to release great albums. 
Sheavy wikipedia page

Mack Furlong

Mack Furlong is a writer, actor and musician. He lives in St. John’s and has had an irritating life-long ability to remember all manner of useless information – just the qualification necessary for a trivia panelist. Mack once hosted The Great Eastern, an hour long show on CBC Radio One. He continues to be a force on CBC Radio and is a huge authority on music from this province past and present.


Steve Hussey
Record Store GAWD! Sideman to the stars and blues snob more guitars than you can shake a pick at.


Elliott Butt
Our long-haired keeper of the files and office monk, who cut off his long locks in 2017, much to our chagrin. Likely to converse with you through song and harmonize with your very soul.  Japan was calling his name, so he answered.


Matt Hender
One of a long series of bass players but the only Turkey farmer on staff, Matt Hender is a 70s guy in 00s world. Funkadelic haircut too.
Super friendly and huggy, and the wearer of an ever-expanding and oft-contracting afro.


Tasha Power
Likes her ‘Tasha’ without the ‘Na’. Likes her coffee like she likes her music; strong, black and bold. Bay girl soul sister and Fred’s artistic eye.


Brad Pretty
Bearded and blazer-wearing brodudeman. Loves guitar pedals and cardigans. Former web-guy.


Chris Ryan
Dark disciple of all things metal and German (and he’s fluent!). Afraid of scary movies.

Gabriel Piller
The original King of Weird at Fred’s, Gabe put in many years in multiple roles before departing the shop. He still likes to visit.

Arn Smith
A major player at Fred’s Records for a year and a half, Arn had to take a cue from the lyrics of a Rum Ragged song — He’s “Livin’ In Alberta.” 


Rosemary Lawton
Rosemary’s stint at Fred’s Records was short-lived, as the young fiddler is very busy with her music career. We miss her bubbly effervescence.