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Allan Ricketts – Rivers


1. Bonny Kate/Cuckoos Nest
2. As I Roved Out
3. The Blacksmith
4. Jolly Soldier
5. Only Our Rivers
6. Very Unfortunate Man
7. Ye Jacobites By Name
8. FLying Falcon
9. The Streets of Derry
10. Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore
11. County Down

Product Description

When Allan initially broke into the traditional music scene in St. John’s he wasn’t old enough to a have drink at the venues he played. His skill at the time was incredible for someone of such a young age. The amazing thing about him now is the rate at which he has progressed and the impression he has made on the music community in such a short time. “Rivers”, Allan’s second release, is an absolute accomplishment regardless of his age. Allan’s attention to detail and his penchant for maintaining the traditional authenticity of this collection of songs is evident on this record. He brings an obviously Irish flare to the tunes and echoes of legendary Irish acts such as Planxty, The Bothy Band, Andy Irvine and Paul Brady can be heard throughout. This tip of the hat is not a borrowing but rather a tasteful homage to influences that have governed and informed Alan’s vocal and instrumental styles. One of Allan’s most endearing qualities is his voice. He is a young man but sings with a brogue, timbre and delivery well beyond his years. His voice is the kind you earn after a lifetime of living the stories that his songs relay. It’s remarkable to hear and producer Kalem Mahoney (The Monday Nights) captures the essence and untrained and honest vitality of Allan’s vocal wonderfully on “Rivers”. Aside from his voice, Allan is also a gifted multi-instrumentalist. With an affinity for stringed instruments, Allan’s strumming and picking is very well executed and some of the triplet playing on the octave mandolin and banjo are reminiscent of some of Andy Irvine’s work. Another impressive element of the record is the who’s who of traditional musicians present on the album. From Pamela Morgan, Dave Panting, Mike Hanrahan and Duane Andrews to Fergus O’Byrne and Graham Wells, this record is loaded with our finest players. “Rivers” is simply a great album. It has a cadence and flow that is instantly pleasing. It also insures the continuance of the fine Irish tradition that has been such an integral part of Newfoundland’s musical mosaic.