Cod Gone Wild – The Traveler


1. I’se Da B’ye
2. Step it Out Mary
3. Prohibition Way
4. Five Thousand Miles
5. The Glaway Girl
6. Sarah
7. Drunken Sailor
8. Farewell to Nova Scotia
9. Days Gone By
10. Saltwater Joys
11. Process Man
12. The Traveler
13. Sociable – Live

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Product Description

“A group of like-minded musicians all sharing a vision for creating and performing music.  We have blended together our talents, diverse musical backgrounds and influences to create what we call our own brand of “Modern Celtic” music.  ‘The Traveler’ for us represents the journey that we are all on together; spreading the music and Celtic spirit from Newfoundland to British Columbia and beyond.  Our musical journey has only just begun.”

– Liner Notes