Colleen power_NEW

Colleen Power – For Little Ones


1. Around the Bay
2. Gimmee Gimme
3. The Muffin Man
4. Responsibility
5. Clare Marie
6. Bumbaleena Butterfly
7. Sketchy Jerome
8. The Banana Song
9. Uncle Wally
10. Sur le pont d’Avignon
11. The Greeting Card Song
12. When You Get to Where You’re Going (The White Balloon Song)
13. Noel

Product Description

Colleen has been a well-loved fixture on the St. John’s music scene for over a decade. She is a clever writer with an often biting, sarcastic wit. She is a keen observer of society and everyday life and puts an intelligent and poignant spin on all of her songs. Even those with a comedic theme and lyric often have an underlying social message or commentary. (i.e. her SOCAN/Music Newfoundland and Labrador Song of the Year nominated song, Townie Man). “For Little Ones” is departure from the folk-pop sound that Colleen has become known for. It is, as the name suggests, an album for kids. Colleen has two young daughters and it’s not hard to believe that motherhood may have spurred her to make a children’s record. The album features legendary bluegrass group, Crooked Stovepipe, arguably one of the finest bluegrass bands in Atlantic Canada. They provide an appropriately light and fun backdrop for the stories Colleen is singing. Banjo, mandolin, fiddle, acoustic guitar and upright bass deliver the famous folk-roots sound makes bluegrass such a beloved style. “For Little Ones” is a feel good album, one you can turn on for your kids and enjoy for yourselves as well. The music is interesting and very well-played and Colleen’s vocal delivery is honest and warm, the obvious effect of having small children. It has been one of our best sellers in the past year or so and when you hear it for yourself you’ll understand why.