Aaron Collis and Emilia Bartellas

Aaron Collis and Emilia Bartellas – Aaron Collis and Emilia Bartellas


1. Carlow Boys/Tatter Jack Walsh
2. Vince's Triple/Calvin Payne's Step Dance Tune
3. Kevin Broderick's/The Boys From Dildo/Don Freake's
4. The Carnation Waltz/Ruby's Waltz
5. McCormack's Breakdown/Brian Tobin's Reel
6. Britches Full of Stitches/Advance/Bren Newman's
7. Torrent River Jig/Daniel's Harbour Breakdown
8. Red Rock Brook/Shanawdithit
9. Form a Line/Green Grow the Rushes-o/Flowers of Edinburgh
10. Mickey the Moulder
11. Biscay Bay/Little Joe Palliser's/Four-Turn Tune

Product Description

Aaron Collis and Emilia Bartellas, two fifths of one of Newfoundland’s most popular young trad acts, The Dardanelles, have just released their brand new CD of traditional accordion and fiddle music. Their playing has a rare immediacy and vitality which comes across in their recordings as well as in the liner notes: each selection has been carefully chosen and impeccably performed.

“This album pays homage to the traditional accordion and fiddle music of Newfoundland and Labrador and is dedicated to those players that have passed along their love and enthusiasm for the tunes.” – Aaron and Emilia