D’Arcy Broderick – By Request


1. Saint Brendan’s Voyage
2. The Galtee Mountain Boy
3. New Mown Hay
4. Streets of New York
5. Phil the Fluthers Ball
6. Cliffs of Baccalieu
7. Jigs: Dr. Keiley-O/Where You Goin’ Me Silly Old Man/Kerry Slide
8. Black Gold
9. Shores of Amerikay
10. Nancy Spain
11. Daisy A Day
12. Reels: The Leaky Roof/Fiddles On the Wall

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Product Description

D’Arcy is unequivocally one of the most important Newfoundland musician/singers in the islands long cultural history. He has been a major figure in the creation of two of Newfoundland’s most important and influential acts, The Irish Descendants and The Fables. On “By Request”, D’Arcy is at the forefront as he performs some of his favourite traditional songs. D’Arcy takes the purist approach on this record and stays very true to the authentic traditional folk sound made popular on the island over the centuries. Acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle, accordion and bodhran fill out the album and give a fully fleshed out, acoustic background for D’Arcy’s warm and charmingly welcoming voice. He is truly a legend in his own time and this album is a Fred’s staff favourite.