Modern Saints

Denis Parker and the Modern Saints


1. Where Warm Winds Blow
2. Blue Wave
3. Modern Saints
4. Worried Life
5. Eight Ball Run
6. Gotta New Blues
7. Feel Like a Ship
8. Rock Island Line
9. Shady Line

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Product Description

Denis Parker epitomizes the blues of “The Rock”! His influences and impact is paramount in our province. The Modern Saints consts of Noaks Mick Davis and Elliott Dicks on rhythm and John Clarke, as modest as he is skilled, on guitars. This tight combo are mean in their gritty, rock N’ roll blues swagger to form an alchemy with Parker (who has never sounded better). Great to hear him back on electric guitar.

Live off the floor in essence, smokin’ hot in spirit.

Chaulk up the cue – Let’s do this.