Duane Andrews and Craig Young – Charlie’s Boogie


1. Old Boney / Good Morning You Would Like Some Tea (Traditional)
2. Tennesse Blues (Bill Monroe)
3. Joe Batt's Arm Longliners (Frank Dwyer/Ron Kelly)
4. The Maid Behind the Bar (Traditional)
5. The Supermoon Rag (Chris Andrews)
6. Cat's in the Bag (Craig Young)
7. The D-18 Song (Jerry Faires)
8. Babik (Django Reinhardt)
9. Kelly Russell's Reel (Emile Benoit)
10. Port Tobacco (Tony Rice)
11. Confessin' (Doc Dangberty, Al Neiburg, Ellis Reynolds”
12. Charlie's Boogie (Smiley Bates)

Product Description

One of the years most anticipated releases Duane Andrews and Craig Young.
Two Newfoundland guitarists extraordinaire pool their talent and awesome skill on this blend of Newfoundland traditional, original, north american folk traditional, and the likes of Django Reinhardt and Tony Rice.
Pickers rejoice and haul your jaw from off the floor!