Ennis – Fortunate Ones


1. We Will Sing
2. Ladies Lounge
3. John, William
4. Fort Amherst
5. Hi for the Beggarman
6. Rise Up Winds
7. The Fortunate Ones
8. Ivory Keys
9. Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel Set
10. Forever Young
11. Life of Riley

Product Description

The second release from Ennis adheres to the ladies strengths- strong, confident vocals and a balanced mix of mid-up tempo numbers and ballads. Along with several fine originals, check out the Russell Crowe/Alan Doyle track and the lovely Ron Hynes tune, Ivory Keys. The album also features stellar backing from Mark Murphy, Billy Sutton, Alan Doyle, Graham Wells and many more. The girls are highly regarded as a legendary Newfoundland act.