Frank Maher Mahervelous

Frank Maher and the Mahers Bahers – Marvelous!


1. Bonnie Kate/The Cuckoo’s Nest
2. Coming from the Races/Bride’s Jig/Israel Got a Rabbit/Off Go Those St. John’s Girls
3. Why Did I Leave South Boston/The Maid on the Mountain
4. Miss Gilhooley’s Party
5. Frank’s Jigs in D
6. Frank Maher’s Famous Non-Rhyming Limerick
7. Running the Goat/Round Ol’ Ruby’s Garden/She Said She Couldn’t Dance/Final Goat Tune
8. The Old Blackthorn/Cottage Groves
9. Stirling Castle/The Belfast Hornpipe
10. O’Brien is Dead
11. Frank Stamp’s/Tom Lake’s
12. Super Jig Set
13. Molly Murphy
14. Rollicking Skipper
15. I Got A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue/Maggie in the Woods
16. Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s

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Product Description

Ask anyone in Newfoundland’s music community about Frank Maher and chances are they will tell you that he one of the finest musicians on the island. Frank has appeared as a session musician on more than forty recordings and has toured with The Plankerdown Band and Figgy Duff. Ironically, until now, Frank has never recorded an album of his own. On Mahervelous not only does Frank shine as the brilliant instrumentalist he is on tunes like Stirling Castle and The Super Jigs but he also brings a great sense of humour to O’Brien Is Dead and Frank Maher’s Famous Non-Rhyming Limerick. Frank is ably assisted on this recording by the Maher’s Bahers – Christina Smith; fiddle, Jean Hewson; guitar and Rick West; Bodhran. We affectionately call Frank the “Squeeze Box King”!