From the Big Land – Music of Makkovik featuring Gerald Mitchell


CD and Booklet

1. Lay That Bucksaw Down

2. Pearly White City

3. One Part of My Life

4. Captain John Grieve

5. Interview with Byron Chaulk about “The Brokwn Promise”

6. Broken Promise

7. Grand River

8. High on the Mountain of Old Mokami

9. Young Billie

10. The Lost Hunters

11. Pearl Rivers

12. Grand River Song

13. Jesusip Pairiallamanga

14. North Country

15. Land Called Labrador

16. On the Big Land Shore

17. We Sons of Labrador

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Product Description

While music has flourished in most of the communities of Newfoundland and Labrador, certain places are recognized for the intensity and innovation of their music scenes.  In Labrador, one of them is Makkovik.  A coastal community located about 210 kilometers north of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Makkovik is home to nearly 400 residents, most of Inuit descent or mixed European and Inuit descent.