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George Allan – Vikings of the Ice


England’s book on the Newfoundland seal hunt resembles Kipling’s “Captain’s Courageous” as a study of men and the sea.

Listening Time: Approximately 11 hours

Narration by Frank Holden

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In 1922, a forty-five-year-old Nebraskan-born, Harvard-educated, globetrotting, adventuring writer with an ear for dialect and a love of talk, song and folklore sailed for the northern ice fields with Captain Abraham Kean on the Terra Nova.  George Allan England was the first and only person to write a detailed account of Newfoundland’s offshore seal hunt.  Vikings of the Ice captures the blood, guts, sweat and toil of the swilin’ life aboard one of the most famous “wooden walls” of all.  The Terra Nova carried Scott to the Antarctic in 1910.  In 1922 she carried England and his notebook to the ice, to pen this remarkable work.