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Great Big Sea – The Hard and the Easy


1. Come and I Will Sing You (The Twelve Apostles)
2. Old Polina
3. The River Driver
4. The Mermaid
5. Captain Kidd
6. Graceful and Charming (Sweet Forget Me Not)
7. Concerning Charlie Horse
8. Harbour LeCou
9. Tishialuk Girls Set (Father’s Jig/Buffett Double/Tishialuk Girls)
10. French Shore
11. Cod Liver Oil
12. Tickle Cove Pond

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Product Description

An authentically traditional offering from GBS, The Hard and the Easy is comprised of songs taken from the legendary Gerald S. Doyle songbooks made popular in Newfoundland from the 1920’s-60’s. These old songs would have been lost to the ages were it not for Doyle. Many have since adapted the songs in more recent times and this effort by Great Big Sea exemplifies the band’s respect and reverence for these tunes. Again, the traditional approach is adhered to strictly on this album and really gives the listener a sense of the band’s skill and dynamic within the traditional-folk form. Many of the province’s most popular songs can be found on The Hard and the Easy including, Come and I will Sing You (the Twelve Apostles) and River Driver. This is one of our bestselling albums.