Ian Foster - The Evening Light

Ian Foster – The Evening Light


1. Sparrow
2. Deep Dark Night
3. Calendar
4. The House
5. The First Day
6. Two Fires
7. Hochelaga, Montreal
8. A Large Crowd Gathers for the Deceased Jeff Elliot’s Encore Performance
9. You and the Snow Plows
10. Daybreak
11. Foot of the Stairs

Product Description

“The Evening Light” is the newest release from local singer/songwriter, Ian Foster. Tracks one through six progress with a smooth, rich and confident flow. Ian has a great sense of musical space and he knows when to play and when not to. The album is filled with lovely instrumentation including an appearance by legendary traditional music icon, Fergus O’Byrne (Banjo on track two) and airy Violin and cello by Janis Campbell and Adam Press respectively. Tracks six through eleven take a slightly more subdued tone while maintaining Ian’s strength for metaphor and colourful imagery. He is one of our province’s finest songwriters.