Ilia Nicoll and the Hot Toddies

Ilia Nicoll – Caterwaul


1. Coming Home
2. Something Familiar
3. Consumption
4. Gravel and Blood
5. A Room Alone
6. Ghost of Lorna
7. Secret Garden
8. Ribbons and Gold
9. Sylvia
10. Blue
11. Oceans ago
12. Lovely Sister

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Product Description

Ilia’s songs are delicious melodic vignettes, compelling, ethereal and draped in a late 60’s brit-pop cinematic atmosphere, her prosey lyrics are both poignant and ponderous. But there are humorous splashes aplenty as Ilia navigates from innocence to astute observation in her debut. Part Jane Siberry, Part Petula Clark, part Sarah Harmer. A joyful listen.

Come down to Fred’s Records on Saturday July 26 at 2pm to get your copy of Ilia’s debut album, as well as the opportunity to experience her perform live, for free here in the store!