It’s Time for Another One – Folk Songs from the South Coast of Newfoundland


1. Accordion Music

2. Recorded excerpts from interview with Jesse and Emily Fudge about the community and their work there in the 1960s

3. Taking Back Gear in the Night

4. Conversation about “Taking Back Gear in the Night”

5. Squarin’ Up Time

6. Lather and Shave

7. The First of October (Robert Langdon)

8. The First of October (Jim Payne)

9. A Cold December Day (Gordon Kendall)

10. A Cold December Day (Glen Collins, Monique Tobin)

11. Penney Fair in the Cove

12. The Eastern Light

13. Conversation about “The Eastern Light”

14. My Brtoher John and I

15. Sal Stopped Up To Iron Some Clothes (Robert Childs)

16. Sal Stopped Up To Iron Some Clothes (Pamela Morgan, Robert Childs, Graham Wells)

17. Coaker’s Dream

18. Conversation about the Fisherman’s Protective Union on the South Coast

19. On the Banks of the Clyde

20. Long Pond

21. Old Smite

22. We’re Mighty Glad to See you

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Product Description

CD and Booklet included.

traditional songs performed by:

Wilfred Childs

Robert Childs

Joseph Jackman

Robert Langdon

Kim Payne

Gordon Kendall

Glenn Collins

Monique Tobin

Mark Power

Chloe Kendall

Pamela Morgan

Graham Wells