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Jimmy Linegar – Golden Strings


1.  Golden Strings

2.  Where is He Now

3.  Her Song

4.  Pale Wildwood Flower

5.  Bubbles & Johnny One Eve

6.  Beginners Luck

7.  Where the Dreamy River Flows

8.  The Pawn Shops of Nashville

9.  I Believe in Santa Claus

10.  Half as Sweet

11.  I Like Pawn Shops of Nashville

12.  On the Lower Ground

13.  This Time I know Better

14.  He Died For Liberty

15.  Only a Broken Toy

16.  Crabapple Pickin’

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Product Description

“I’ve carried these songs in my mind for 50 years.  I am delighted to have, for the first time, the opportunity to record them.  This may never have happened if I had not met up with the Avalon Ramblers and in particular Frank Davis.”

– Jimmy Linegar