Mary Barry – Chansons Irisées


1.  La Fille De La Mer

2.  Je T’Aime Tant

3.  La Lune Autour

4.  La Vie En Rose

5.  Pourquoi C’est Comme Ca

6.  J’Aurai Sa Peau

7.  Peine D’Amour

8.  Les Engoulevents

9.  Syracuse

10.  Quand La Ville Dort

11.  La Gare

12.  Ne Me Quitte Pas

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Product Description

“Chansons Irisées or songs of iridescence (like a rainbow) is a charismatic compilation of Barry’s own French compositions as well as her interpretations of songs by Québecois poet Christine Bernard and the icon of French Chanson, Édith Piaf.

A mélange of sweet melodies, sophisticated jazz, rollicking cabaret and exotic worldbeat, this album is a sensuous and soothing journey through the ever-changing fortunes of the human heart.”