Mary Dalton – Merrybegot


Voice: Anita Best

Trumpet and Flugelhorn: Patrick Boyle

Direction: Janet Russell and Mary Dalton

Recorded and mixed by Janet Russell

Listening time: Approximately 1 hour

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Product Description

One of the greatest of Newfoundland’s glories is an oral culture which has produced a store of songs, riddles, rhymes, proverbs and curses as rich as any to be found in the English-speaking world.  The speech of Newfoundland – laced with image and metaphor, full of ripples and runs, close to hand and eye and mouth – is in its many varieties a treasure-house of language.  These poems seek to celebrate that vital store.

The “Dictionary of Newfoundland English”, with its choir of voices, has been both an important influence and, in the case of ten or so poems, a direct source.  Most of the poems, however, have grown out of living speech filtered through memory and imagination.

– Mary Dalton

Read by Anita Best

With Patrick Boyle on trumpet