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Masterless Men

Masterless Men – 20 Years


1. Someday Soon
2. When The Boys Come Rolling Home
3. The Story I Tell You Is True
4. Have You Ever Seen The Rain
5. Absent Friends
6. Little Mountain Church House
7. A Pub With No Beer
8. I Will Love You
9. Come Dance To Paddy’s Reel
10. Girls From Newfoundland
11. The Irish Washerwoman
12. Forty Shades Of Green
13. Fare Thee Well Enniskillen

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Product Description

When thinking about the career of the Masterless Men and how it now spans 20 years it isn’t hard to believe that they’ve remained together this long. When you watch them perform live you get the sense that if they never performed for a crowd again they would get together around the kitchen table for the enjoyment of the music and each other’s company. There is a real sense of camaraderie in this band. This kinship is a necessary ingredient to the success of a group. The other is musical ability, something the Masterless Men have a great deal of. They have become known for both their up tempo, rousing blend of traditional folk and bluegrass and their stirring, and beautifully moving ballads. John Curran, the band’s tenor singer has one of the most instantly recognizable voices of any Newfoundland performer and it is elevated by the fantastic musicianship of his band mates. 20 Years is a great snapshot of where the Masterless Men have come from and where they are presently, a crown jewel in an already impressive discography. Happy anniversary!