Mavis Gallant – Montreal Stories


Listening time: Approximately 11 hours

1. The Fenton Child

2. The End of the World

3. New Year’s Eve

4. The Doctor

5. Voices Lost in the Snow

6. In Youth is Pleasure

7. Between Zero and One

8. Varieties of Exile

9. 1933

10. The Chosen Husband

11. From Cloud to Cloud

12. Florida

13. Let it Pass

14. In a War

15. The Concert Party

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Product Description

“One of our era’s masters of the short story.”

– Harper’s

“Gallant’s subject is the comic opera of character… Before we know it she will have circled a person, captured a voice, revealed a whole manner of a life in the way a character avoids an issue or discusses a dress.”

– Michael Ondaatje