Monsterbator – Pox-Um Brow Through Intercom Suite LP


  1. Precipice Banter
  2. Ill to Loose
  3. Gobbler Runs the Gauntlet
  4. Cracker Jackyl
  5. Tricky Little Switch
  6. Mallet Connector
  7. Feed the Champ
  8. Mercury Surplus
  9. Things Move
  10. Migraine Moth
  11. Phonoscopy
  12. Hung on the Broken Nail
  13. Gobbler Runs the Gauntlet (Reprise)

Product Description

The latest and heavily anticipated album from local legends Monsterbator!

‘Monsterbator is a 5 piece band from St. Johns Newfoundland and have been playing since 2009. Drawing flattering but not-entirely-correct comparisons to The Birthday Party, The Jesus Lizard and The Melvins, the band creates its own mix of noisy, catchy, eerie, energetic rock. Monsterbator have toured eastern Canada and played with acts such as METZ, The Soupcans and Fucked Up. The Libel Belt is the band’s third full-length release following 2013′s Practice Moans for the Big Fire and 2011′s Precious Rhino.’

They are:

Andrew Waterman – Vocals
Victor Lewis – Bass
Devon Milley- Drums
Christian Gagnon – Guitar
Stefan Warbanski – Synth