Pathological Lovers – Calling All Favours


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“Calling All Favours” is the, Music Newfoundland and Labrador winning, East Coast Music Award nominated debut album from alternative rockers, Pathological Lovers. It is a hard-hitting, fast-paced marathon of music. Fronted by Jody Richardson (of Thomas Trio and Fur-Packed Action fame), the Lovers hit you at bar one of track one and don’t stop until the final moment of track 13. Jody is the quintessential front man. He’s got charisma in excess and a powerful, rock and roll tenor vocal that really drives the songs forward. He is a true band leader to say the least. “Calling All Favours” is loud, aggressive and intensely catchy alternative pop rock. The music, at times, reaches a fever pitch but always maintains a structure and performance reflective of the pop hooks at its core. The record is riff driven and rounded out by Jody’s electric guitar, the furious keyboard work of Berklee School of Music grad, Grant King and a powerful and sound rhythm section that features the incomparable Dave Rowe and the hard-hitting Alex Pierson. Each player brings a crucial ingredient to the mix and this union has made this one of Newfoundland’s most popular alt records in many years. Give it a spin and hold on tight!