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Rajaton – Nova

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1. Laksin mina kesayona kaymaan
2. Mita kaikatat kivonen?
3. Purrelle tuulta
4. Kutsu
5. Yolla Euroopassa
6. Me kuljemme kaikki kuin sumussa
7. Haahymni
8. Tahtitarha
9. Oi aika ihanin
10. Kulkue
11. Pieni tarina
12. Pyhat on pihlajat pihalla
13. Armottoman osa
14. Lintu lauleli lehossa
15. Laulu or avasta
16. Nova

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Product Description

Rajaton’s first CD. In Finnish. One of our favourites. The disc that heralded the arrival of this astounding a capella sextet.

Rajaton is an exceptional vocal sextet from Finland who have made their mark in the international acapella scene. They sing in English and in Finnish. They are frequent guests of the Festival 500 International Choral Festival in St. John’s, Newfoundland where, since 2001, they have wowed audiences at their concerts and earned the admiration and friendship of visiting choirs at their workshops.
Their name Rajaton, which means “boundless”, refers to the breadth of styles of the music they perform. We think it also describes their ability, imagination and ability.