Ralph O'Brien_NEW

Ralph O’Brien – About Time


1. Through the Eyes of a Child

2. Lily of the West

3. The Bridle Hanging on the Wall

4. School Day’s Over

5. Springhill Mining Disaster

6. Simple Love

7. Grand Coolie Dam

8. Sullivan’s John

9. Mary of the Wild Moor

10. The Joys of Love

11. Bartender’s Blues

12. Raglan Road

13. Fly Me Home (Dublin Town)

Product Description

This is Ralph O’Brien’s first solo album after a long career with The Sons of Erin, a Traditional Irish group popular in the ’80’s and 90’s. The album features many well-known musicians, including D’arcy Broderick, Craig Young, Kevin Evans, Joe Tompkins, Johnny Barella, Bob Pike, and Chris Ledrew.

This album is a gem with both traditional irish and folk tunes.