Rum Ragged

Rum Ragged – Rum Ragged


1. Barque In The Harbour
2. St. John’s Train
3. Father’s Ship
4. Ghost In The Fog
5. Salt In His Veins
6. A Dose Of White Owls
7. The White Hare/ Float The Ice
8. Save Your Money
9. Living In Alberta
10. Gay Roving Young Fellow
11. All Through The Beer

Product Description

Rum Ragged are a brand new band of young music junkies with a itch to make the ol’ tunes a priority. Trying to bring the good tunes and the good times back together. Featuring Aaron Collis (Dardanelles. duos with Emilia Bartellas and Duane Andrews, plus many more). Also features Billy Sutton of The Fables.