sean mccann

Sean McCann – You Know I Love You


1. Set Me Free
2. On My Way (But I Don’t Know Where
3. Rise and Fall
4. Wake Up (Open Wide)
5. Last Song
6. Mind Made Up
7. Little Miss Know-It-All
8. Get Behind You
9. You Know I Love You
10. This Life is an Ocean of Love

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Product Description

You Know I Love You” is a happy collection of songs sung by a man intent on sharing his joy directly with you. The world has changed. Today the only thing left between Séan’s music and those who wish to share it is a cellphone. Despite how small social media has made the world, and how it has included all of us into the same conversation with a simple hashtag #, the basic human quest for a connection to something real is too difficult to fit in just 140 characters. Luckily, through the years of technological advancement and subsequent social change, two universal energies remain constant— Music and Love.

Produced once again by Joel Plaskett, and with an original piece of artwork per song by singer/songwriter Meaghan Smith, Séan is trying to find a balance somewhere between analogue and Tinder in a world where the connection we all want can’t seem to keep up with technology. Love and music… maybe the hippies were on to something.

-Matt Wells