Sherman Downey & the Ambiguous Case – The Sun in Your Eyes


1. The Right Idea
2. Annalee
3. Thick as Thieves
4. Honey For Bees
5. Isadora Duncan
6. Heart VS. Doubt
7. All That you Hate
8. Outta Your Mind
9. An Apology
10. The Calling

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Product Description

It’s finally here! After being awarded the title of ‘Canada’s Best New Musical Act’ by CBC Radio, Sherman Downey has released his brand new album which is sure to knock your socks off.
This album is quality local folk/rock with a sprinkle of bluegrass. Mandolins, trumpets, banjos, fiddles, accordions, and a number of other instruments result is a massive wall of full, heavy sound that all assist in a more jamboree/folk like style (compared to his previous record ‘Honey For Bees’.
Be sure to come to Fred’s records to not only pick up your copy of ‘The Sun in Your Eyes’, but to also see his FREE live performance in-store on November 23rd