Steve Cowan – Pour Guitare


  1. Pour Guitare – Claude Vivier
  2. Danse Burlesque – Daniel Mehdizadeh
  3. Intermezzo, Opus 80 – Jacques Hetu
  4. Dreaded Sea Voyage – Andrew Staniland
  5. Shadow Prism – Jason Noble
  6. L’Ineffable Secret Des Images Rupestres – Francois Bergeron
  7. Canzona – Kati Agocs
  8. Changeling – Steve Cowan


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Product Description

Montreal-based guitarist Steve Cowan has firmly established himself within the guitar and new music circles of North America. Top prizes in several competitions have led him to concert appearances throughout Canada and the United States, where he has been praised for his powerful sound, insightful interpretations, and unique repertoire choice. His desire to present lesser-known music has recently materialized into his debut album, which was funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and McGill University. ‘Pour Guitare’ includes pieces by exclusively Canadian composers, many of which are premiere recordings or new commissions.


In addition to solo repertoire, the album includes works for guitar duo, and guitar with electronics. Important contributions include recording premieres of guitar pieces by both Claude Vivier and Jaques Hetu; arguably two of Canada’s most performed and celebrated composers. Other highlights include the darkly humorous ‘Danse Burlesque’ by Daniel Mehdizadeh, and riveting and panic-inducing ‘Dreaded Sea Voyage’ by Andrew Staniland, and the innovative and mysterious harmonic textures of Jason Noble’s ‘Shadow Prism’. claims: ‘With fantastic playing, great repertoire, and a wealth of musical ideas to back it up, ‘Pour Guitare’ is both an important contribution to the guitar scene and an engaging listen’. Throughout 2016 and 2017, Steve Cowan will be promoting ‘Pour Guitare’ at concert engagements in Canada, the United States, and Europe.